About Me


I am a technologist and product enthusiast, and I live in San Francisco.

I have worked for large tech companies and started my own with mixed results (first miss and then a hit). My miss was gigzee, where I was the CEO and co-founder. During my time with gigzee, I made a ton of mistakes, and learnt at least a few ways of not running a business, or designing a product. My hit was with HitFix, no pun intended.

I am primarily interested in the flow of information and how it brings more efficiency to the things we do. I have spent a lot of time examining what makes good products good, and great products great. Bad products, it seems, are bad for a variety of reasons – new ones come up every day.

More importantly, the truly great products end up becoming platforms: where they provide a way for others to amplify their own capabilities, either through other products or within constraints of the platform. I have conducted extensive research on cold-start problems with new networks and how to bring them up to critical mass so that network effects take hold.

This blog is a collection of my random musings about how we can better parse the information that is thrown at us all the time, with a strong inclination towards superior product design.

If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to drop me a line at anuragmjain – at – gmail – dot – com.